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Training and Workshops

Interactive training and workshops to meet the unique needs of your team.


Training Program Strategies

Build Awareness

Wellbeing topics delivered in 30-60 minutes to provide awareness and actionable strategies.

Create Impact

Interactive training and workshops for teams exploring strategies that create healthy cultures.


Leadership training that creates healthy, high-performing teams and strong engagement. 

NEW Master Classes

Our live, instructor-led classes combine coaching with connection in a small group format. Available as open-enrollment or delivered to teams.


Consultation and training options to support your team in transitioning to the 'next normal'.

Training Programs

Check out our most popular training topics and programs.

(HOLIDAYS) Dealing with anxiety during the holiday season

(HOLIDAYS) Dealing with grief during the holiday season

Dealing with stress and anxiety during times of uncertainty

Understanding Self-Awareness, Self-Care and Self-Advocacy

Self-Awareness: Physical and emotional signs of stress and anxiety

Self-Advocacy: Confidently asking for what you need, setting boundaries, and building resilience

Self-Care: Recharging, managing your energy, and developing a self-care plan

Staying positive when dealing with personal stressors and anxiety

Understanding individual differences with coping skills and stress reactions

Supporting others through illness, grief, anxiety or loss

Creating joy, calm and connection when dealing with fear and anxiety

Burnout: Self-care skills for saying no, addressing guilt, self-advocacy and setting priorities

Dealing with the Stress of ‘Never-Enough’ Parenting and Caregiving

Grief and Loss: Effectively dealing with death, divorce and other significant life events

Stress: Identify types of stress, impact on wellbeing, impact of mindset

Building Resilience: Strategies for developing inner strength

Perfectionism and Stress: Tendency to take on everything at the cost of balance and self-care

Burnout: Signs, solutions and recovery

Re-Calibration: Balancing Productivity with Compassion

Resilience: Building Resilient Teams

Results: Unleashing the Potential of Accountable, Outcomes-Focused Teams

Recharge: Creating Safety and Connection for Long-Team Success

Working Together Better: Collaboration, communication, technology and scheduling strategies

Prioritization and Communication for Teams

Communication and Conflict: Handling difficult conversations with skills and confidence

Leading Through Difficulty: Supporting others through illness, grief or other loss

Maintaining connection, engagement and communication with remote co-workers

Enjoyable Meetings: Best practices for efficiency and effectiveness

(HOLIDAY) Holiday Survival Guide: Planning strategies to take the stress out of the holiday season

Digital Distraction: Simple solutions to regain your time and focus

Time Management: Maximizing your productivity

Getting More Done: To-do list strategies and solutions

Email Management: Dealing with the dreaded inbox

Setting Boundaries: Managing expectations and setting limits

Tackling Goals: Systems and strategies to regain your focus

Remote Work Strategies: Maximizing productivity when working anywhere

Multitasking: Simple strategies to sharpen your focus

Getting Organized: What you need in physical and electronic workspaces

Focus and Flow: Reducing distractions in a chaotic world

Less is More: Strategies to focus on less to get more done each day

Productivity Fundamentals: Technology, processes and techniques to get more done


Money Fear: How to make better choices and develop a plan during difficult times

Money Story: How your past effects your money

Money Alignment: How to make smart decisions without a budget

Money Wins: Simple, easy to implement tips to keep more of your money

Money Simplicity: Un-complicate your life and find more money

Money Vision: Create a vision for your financial future

Money Debt: Step-by-step process to get rid of debt for good

Money Guilt: How your emotions are tied to your financial fitness

Money Accounts: What goes where and why

My One Word: Choosing your personal theme to provide focus and clarity

Success in Work and Life: How to make time for what matters most

Behavior Change: Simple strategies for sustainable change

Inner Coach: How mindset can make or break our ability to reach our full potential

Courage to Rest: Enhancing productivity, focus and energy

Recovery: Discover the secrets of high performers

Sleep: Impacts on health, wellbeing and performance

Foundational Yoga for Beginners

Chair Yoga: Simple stretching solutions for the office

Simplify and Breathe: Taking the mystery out of meditation and mindfulness

Resilience: Understanding, Awareness, Consequences and Impacts

Recovery: Understand the stress / recovery balance, wellbeing impact on resilience

Nutrition and Movement: Fuel the body with a balanced diet, impact of movement on mental agility

Sleep: Restoring immunity and resilience, impact of sleep deprivation, creating new routines


Sara Glines, President and Publisher of News & Observer:

When the News & Observer was heading toward a major change in work environment, I turned to Becky Jacobs and Simple Change to help steady our employees.

She provided training and simple tools and communication skills that eased anxieties and made our move joyful.

She made all the difference in our transition and in our staff's ability to embrace change.

Debbie Zievis, Manager of Benefits, Wellness and Payroll, Wyrick Robbins:

Simple Change says it all. Becky has shared with us a number of ideas for change that are easily implemented, and over time, deliver results to improve our wellbeing.

She has worked with us on a variety of topics, from reducing the digital distractions in our life enabling us to focus on what matters most, to increasing our awareness on budgeting to stretch our paychecks.

The information provided by Simple Change includes tried and true methods for change, and incorporates new ideas.

We appreciate her approach to wellbeing and can feel her passion toward us making big changes by taking small, intentional steps.

Candace Whisenant, Human Resources Manager at NV5 CALYX:

When I needed a motivational speaker to address our managers during their annual meeting, I considered the qualifications of various consultants, but it was Becky that stood out.

She quickly generated an engaging and enthusiastic program that addressed time management and performance.

Collaborating with Becky, from idea generation to execution, was extremely easy. She is thoughtful, innovative, encouraging, supportive, an excellent communicator, and a very motivational presenter.

I’ve continued to utilize the Simple Change team for lunch and learns with our staff as part of our company wellness program.

I highly recommend Simple Change. Becky and her team do not disappoint.

Ready for a simple change?

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