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Improve overall productivity by building healthy, high-performing teams. 


Culture Assessments

Are you creating a healthy and productive culture?

Identify the root causes of stress and burnout in your organization, and develop a plan for building a healthy and productive culture.

Our Process

Each culture and team is unique, so we customize our process and services to meet your needs.

We help you discover the root causes of stress and burnout using confidential interviews with staff and leaders, as well as a review of relevant processes, communication strategies, professional development, diversity and inclusion strategies, goals and metrics. 

As a result of our comprehensive approach, we can provide a clear understanding of the issues within the organization, as well as prioritized recommendations to address the concerns.

Based on the results of the assessment, we work with your team to develop practical strategies and solutions that can be implemented immediately and incorporated into your existing management systems. 

We'll help you develop a plan that outlines phases of implementation, resources needed, change management strategies, and employee engagement. 

Many of our clients appreciate having a partner who can support them throughout the implementation, help identify gaps and risks, and provide feedback and coaching.

We can support all aspects of implementation, including: developing change management plans, drafting internal messaging, facilitating process design workshops, conducting leader and staff training, managing implementation, and more.

We work with your team to identify key metrics that will help identify the impact of your changes, and simple strategies for gathering timely feedback.

Katie Clark, Marketing Director at WorkSmart:

Becky was able to connect with our staff and do an assessment that was faster and more valuable than we would have been able to do ourselves.

She got to know our organization at all levels, and she even read the book that describes our management operating system so she could use our terminology and make recommendations that fit within our management strategy.

Becky and her team gave us quick wins that we could implement right away and longer-term projects that will help us to continue building employee engagement and wellbeing over time.

She’s made it easy for us to be successful, and continues to proactively send us information that help us make decisions as we grow.

Bruce Clarke, CEO of CAI:

Simple Change is not a typical wellness consultant with a list of programs. Becky quickly assessed what already mattered to us, then made it better.

Our staff and our many seminar guests are now enjoying the "fruit"of her guidance, and her solid equipment and inventory recommendations!

Rod Brooks, President and CEO of Rise Against Hunger:

Simple Change is an important strategic partner to Rise Against Hunger as we evolve from being a US-driven organization to operating as a global organization. Certainly not simple, this initiative required strategy, alignment and execution among stakeholders from six countries.

Simple Change facilitated the strategic development of our vision through outstanding engagement of everyone involved and has helped us maintain energy and focus on the project over nearly two years.

From an execution standpoint, Simple Change has helped us develop and implement the plan while keeping our team focused on producing the required deliverables.

A project of this scale has required great flexibility, which Simple Change has exhibited by adapting processes and ensuring that the approach fits our organizational culture and capacity. 

Ready for a simple change?

Contact us to explore strategies for building healthy, high-performing teams.


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