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Support | Inspiration | Encouragement

An authentic, encouraging, safe place to learn and grow together.

Simple 7

Videos provide strategy and simple changes from our coaches to help you improve your overall wellbeing. 


Monthly 30-minute session with a wellbeing coach to provide personalized support and encouragement.


Weekly 30-minute interactive discussions with our coaches to discuss a wellbeing strategy.

Simple Change Community

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Highlights from Simple 7 videos

Weekly inspirational messages

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New Simple 7 videos each week sharing wellbeing strategies

FREE 30-minute session with a wellbeing coach each month

Weekly interactive discussions with our coaches

Slices of Life tool

Top 10 Tips for Work / Life Integration





All of the services included in our SIMPLE plan, PLUS:

Quarterly 30-minute leadership training for your team

Monthly message to share with your team highlighting the program

Easy quarterly invoicing


Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! This is an economical and efficient way to deliver a robust wellbeing program, including individual coaching and weekly live training! 

Our business packages include one simple quarterly invoice, monthly messaging for your team, and a quarterly leadership training to help you build a healthy and productive culture.

Contact us to learn more!

We know you are busy juggling work, family, community, don't have time for hours and hours of videos.

Our Simple 7 videos are designed to provide strategies you can implement immediately to improve your wellbeing - and you can watch each one in less than 7 minutes!

New videos are added each week, so you can watch one per day...or binge watch all of them at once!

Our coffee chat interviews are recorded, but we do not record the live discussions because we want to create a safe space for authentic and vulnerable conversation. 

Participants have the opportunity to ask questions and share ideas with others who have joined the discussion, and can even submit questions or comments through private chat for additional privacy. 

All content can be viewed through desktop, mobile browser or the Kajabi app.

The interviews and live discussions are facilitated using Zoom, and details for the session are provided upon registration.

Our rules are very simple:

We are all on a journey, and here to support each other through the challenges of maintaining our wellbeing.

What to expect: 

  • Support, inspiration and encouragement
  • This is an authentic, safe place to learn and grow together.

Simple Rules:

  • No negativity or attacking - we respect and support each other at all times.
  • No politics, platforms or advocacy.
  • No solicitation by other members.
  • What happens in the community, stays in the community.

Simple 7 Topics

Our Simple 7 videos provide wellbeing strategies and tips in less than 7 minutes. Check out the lists below to see a few examples of the topics.

Dealing with stress and anxiety

Resilience strategies

Building confidence

Setting effective boundaries

Challenging your internal voice

Shift from 'what if' to 'right now'

Look up

I can

Zoom fatigue

Beginnings are hard



Avoiding mindless eating and snacking

Quick and healthy meal ideas

Improving quality and quantity of sleep

Maintaining your energy throughout the day

Building exercise into your day

Creating a healthy relationship with food

Impact of stress on the body

Creative ways to spend less

Understanding the emotions behind spending

Dealing with Money Guilt

Balancing saving and debt reduction

How your past effects your money

Creating a vision for your financial future

Simple ways to track and reduce spending

Email management strategies

Networking to build relationships

Reducing stress at work

How to get more done each day

Maintaining focus

How to achieve your personal and professional goals

Reducing internal and external distractions

Job search strategies

Establishing effective boundaries



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