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What if...

We are living in a time of great uncertainty. So much of what we expected to be happening in our lives right now has been postponed, changed, or no longer possible. Most of us are spending our days trying to figure out how to adapt to the ‘new normal’, even though we have no real idea of what the months ahead will hold for us.


But what if…


What if this experience brings you closer to your family and friends? Instead of everyone rushing off to school activities, sports, social events and work meetings, you finally have that ‘quality time’ you always said you wanted. 


What if this makes you appreciate your job, especially when you see how many people have suddenly found themselves without employment? Consider all the times you complained about the small things, assuming there were greener pastures elsewhere, and that it was easy to find another job. 


What if this helps you to see everyone as a valuable member of our community? How many times did you overlook the grocery store workers, delivery drivers, teachers, health care professionals, volunteers, and those who work behind the scenes day after day just to make your life possible? 


What if this makes you finally take your mental and physical health seriously? Instead of grabbing a quick and easy option, you could see this as a chance to learn how to cook meals that actually nourish your body. Instead of viewing exercise as something to avoid or do ‘when you have time’, you could view it as your daily form of stress relief that keeps you mentally strong. 


What if you considered this situation as a gift? Certainly not one you would have chosen, but nonetheless a gift filled lessons about what is truly most important. One that made you open your eyes and see the beauty and joy in your life.


What if this is a chance to view life through a new lens? One filled with gratitude and appreciation.


What if....


Author: Becky Jacobs, Chief Engagement Officer


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