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Simple Change

Most people hear the word ‘change’ and cringe. We tend to try to keep things in our life consistent, and the thought of change brings up resistance, fear and anxiety. Ironically, life is constantly changing and evolving whether you want it or not, so fighting just creates more stress.

Is change really simple? Sometimes….not always. When you think about a big goal or lifestyle adjustment, it is easy to become overwhelmed. Most people would love to lose weight, get in shape, eat better, etc. and have tried at some point to make a major overhaul without much success.

Our business philosophy is to focus on simple concepts that lead to transformational change. Not overnight. Not all at once. Not anything too huge or difficult. Making one simple change at a time leads to progress, motivation and confidence. Once you’ve made the change a habit, tackle another…and another….and as you look back a few months later, you realize how much your life has evolved.

One of my simple changes

A few years ago, I was struggling with the afternoon slump. It seemed that no matter what I did, my brain was in a fog between 2-3pm each afternoon. I would stare at an email or spreadsheet for what felt like an eternity trying to push through the mental exhaustion. One day I decided I needed an espresso to help me push through a very busy day, and took the long route around the block to get to the cafe. It seemed to work! I was able to focus the rest of the afternoon, although it did make me jittery and caused my heart to race. I started making the journey every afternoon, desperate for a way to get more done.

Thankfully during one of my walks, the cafe was closed. So I took an extra lap around the building, and went back to work. I was shocked to discover I had more energy, was better able to focus, and was incredibly productive…without the jitters! I tried the experiment a few more times with the same results. Something as simple as a 10 minute walk made a huge difference in how much I could accomplish, and helped boost my energy for several hours. Years later, a mid-afternoon walk is still part of my daily routine.

What is Your Simple Change?

Are you ready to start with a simple change, but stuck with where to start? A few ideas include: doing a plank for 15 seconds, transferring $10/week into a savings account, adding one fruit to your breakfast, taking a 10 minute walk in the afternoon, meditating for 2 minutes, or setting a timer before you dive into social media.

Does that sound ridiculously simple? That’s the point! It is difficult to honestly say you can’t tackle these changes. By implementing one at a time until it becomes a habit, you gain confidence and energy. Consider what happens when you accumulate these changes over the course of several weeks or months, and build on them slowly as they become habits.

Life is a journey. We are always changing, always adapting, always growing. What simple change can you make today that will start you down the path toward your goals?


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